What Season is the Best for Selling Your Home in Greenwich

What Season is the Best for Selling Your Home in Greenwich

  • 10/26/22
Greenwich, the largest coastal town on Connecticut’s ‘Gold Coast,’ attracts buyers with its four beaches perfect for outdoor fun. When looking to sell your Greenwich, CT luxury real estate, it’s important to be sure about timing, as once you commit, the process takes plenty of time and resources. Before learning about the best season to sell in Greenwich, here’s a quick overview of the market in the area.

The Greenwich housing market is experiencing a slight increase in prices and a decrease in average days on market, which is good news for sellers in the area. However, sellers can expect rising mortgage rates to possibly dampen this trend, as this coupled with the cost of building new housing makes it more difficult for buyers to find properties. These pressures, along with the seasonal hurdles brought on by winter, may be obstacles for sellers in Greenwich. With this in mind, here’s an overview of the best time to sell a house.

A look into Greenwich

Working with a local and experienced real estate agent, like those on the Greenwich Lifestyle Team, is one of the best ways to understand seasonality in your area. They’ll have the knowledge of past years and their market trends that allows them to provide accurate and reliable estimations on when to sell. An agent can let you know that to sell your Greenwich home fast, it's best to list in May. If you’re looking for a larger profit, then selling in July is the best month to do so.

The worst month to sell your Greenwich home is in November, as sales prices for homes dip down 17.21% below the average. If you’re interested in selling your home quickly, the worst month to list is in February, as homes spend 42 days over the average on the market. It’s no surprise that the worst months to sell are during winter, which is one of the more difficult seasons to list a home. Here’s a deeper dive into what makes each season a good or bad time to sell.

Selling in the spring

Nationally, homes sold in the spring experience the most success, as they sell faster and for a higher price. Springtime usually marks the beginning of the residential sales season, and as such there are more buyers searching for properties on the market. Buyers with families typically start searching in April or May, as there’s less disruption of a child’s school schedule. Additionally, the shift into warmer weather boosts curb appeal, especially in places like Greenwich, which have drastic winters and beautiful nature that blooms in the spring.

However, there are a few drawbacks to selling in the spring. For one, inventory is usually pretty high after the winter season, which means more competition for you as a seller. You’ll have to take special attention when marketing your Greenwich, CT luxury real estate to attract interested buyers. And with Greenwich’s wetter season beginning in April, unpredictable weather conditions may cause additional obstacles when trying to show your home.

Selling in the summer

Summer is also an ideal time to sell a home, as days are longer and the weather becomes more temperate. June, July, and August are some of the most comfortable months in Greenwich, which motivates people to be outdoors. Like springtime, the nature around your home is likely to be thriving and in full bloom, which increases curb appeal and attracts interested buyers to the property. With summer comes summer vacation, and buyers are usually more available to see homes in person. Additionally, with deadlines like the school year approaching, buyers are more motivated to close a sale quickly.

There are some drawbacks to be mindful of when selling in summer. Although the summer weather is much nicer than in other areas in the U.S., Greenwich's summers can be very humid, which can discourage people from coming out. Additionally, some of the wettest days of the year land in the summer, which makes attending properties in person and moving difficult. And as a prime season, competition between other sellers and buyers is going to be high.

Selling in the fall

Selling in the fall can be a bit of a mixed bag, which is why it’s important to consult a professional when considering it the best time to sell a house. Nationwide, homes selling in the autumn months of October and November experience some of the highest sales prices compared to other months and is the second best season to sell if you’re trying to sell your home quickly. As inventory decreases from spring and summer, there’s also less competition between sellers.

However, with lower inventory comes lower buyer demand, as most serious buyers have completed their search. Your property may also require more maintenance due to the changing season. This will affect your curb appeal as well, which can decrease buyer interest. Although less rainy than the summer months, fall in Greenwich does start to get more chilly, and daylight hours begin to shrink.

Selling in the winter

When selling your home, especially in Greenwich, it isn’t advisable to start the process in winter. The snowy period in Greenwich lasts from November to April, with the snowiest month being February, averaging 7.2 inches of snowfall. This makes it difficult for buyers to travel to properties and creates a more complicated moving process. Also, the busyness of the winter holidays makes it a difficult time for buyers to invest extra time into the home-buying process. Decreasing demand also results in decreasing prices, which means you’re less likely to get a good deal on your property.

Ready to sell your Greenwich home?

There’s plenty to think about when considering seasonality in your home sale, although generally, winter is the worst time to sell, while spring and summer are the best. When you’re ready to list your Greenwich property, contact trusted local agent Angela Swift to help guide you through the process.

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